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Videos by Elsewhere in Greensboro. Elsewhere is a living museum and artist residency program set within a former thrift store.

Pioneer Winter - A Love To Last 13 Hours

Pioneer Winter's A Love To Last 13 Hours culminates tonight at First Friday | Miami Goes Elsewhere!

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First Friday Closing Exhibition | April Residents is tomorrow 6 - 10pm! #GoElsewhere Featured: #ChrisFlower, "Untitled (Elsewhere B-Sides)," April 2017.

Elsewhere B-Sides ("Shoe Vertical" / #ChrisFlower Elsewhere Pr...
Tie your shoes, get ready, run faster: First Friday Closing Exhibition | April Residents is in 2 days! Featured: Elsewhere B-Sides ("Shoe Vertical" / Chris Flower Elsewhere Project), #ChrisFlower (Montreal, QC). April 2017. Videos of collection items within custom-made wooden boxes.

πŸŒ²πŸš½β›Ί Grand reveal tomorrow: First Friday | February Artists β›ΊπŸš½πŸŒ² Come use Tim Fite's camp-inspired bathroom(??), 6-10pm!

Will Owen, Hourglasses, 2017.
βŒ›οΈβ³ #WillOwen x The Olio collaborate on some ELSEWHERE HOURGLASSES. β³βŒ›οΈ Check'em out yourself this First Friday | February Artists!

Got something to say to the new president? #GoElsewhere πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ I Wish to Say at Elsewhere invites you to dictate #IWishToSay letters to The White House every Saturday 2-4pm. Carbon copies will be on display at Elsewhere. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #democracy #sheryloring #soGSO #artsGSO

February Residents Headshots
✨ Come to our Artist Talks | February Residents today at 5pm and hear Tim Fite, Will Owen, Dorothy Melander-Dayton talk about their work. Join us for our monthly Community Dinner afterwards, too! 🍲 πŸ˜‰ More info: goelsewhere.org/dinner 🐢 #GoElsewhere #Elsewhere2017

Elsewhere's taking over the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University today with help from Cakalak Thunder radical drum corps πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #SouthernConstellationsConvergence

#CackalackThunder will be at the 2016 #SouthernConstellations Convergence to kick the festivities off and remind us that the streets have, are, and will always belong to the people. πŸ˜‰ @nashermuseum Be on the lookout for the Convergence updates throughout the day!! #artconference #artpanel #artistresidency #equity

"Do What You Gotta"
Six very different things at once goes down tomorrow at 6pm at Elsewhere (this time we're gonna be, like, artsy on wheels though-- UNCG's Art Truck - Project One Art). 🚚 🚚 🚚 Come enjoy the 2016 Festival of Lights and find out what these Elsewherians have been up to!

2016 Political Party happening now!!!!

2016 Political Party
2016 Political Party happening now!!!

Political Party 2016!!

First Friday here at Elsewhere! Find out what the heck this red ball of string is about + talk to artists about what they're about. #firstfriday #greensboro #elsewhere

Majid Abraim + Maxwell Boecker are performing, like, right now. Get over here! Then stay for a Saturday tour at 4 PM πŸ˜‹ #slappadabass #sway #turnup

And the museum keeps living. πŸ˜πŸ’› #goElsewhere #LivingMuseum #ArtistResidency #soGSO Swing by πŸ˜‰ Open til 10pm!

Disco Sweatin'
Disco Party at our 8th Annual Extravaganza: #ElsewhereRevolves! Disco Sweat drip-droppin' some sweet tuneage all over our dance floor! Thanks for the great set, we'll dance for you anytime.

"It's a Ferris Wheel on Elm Street!"
"A *ferris wheel* in the middle of Elm Street..." Who else? ;) #ElsewhereRevolves 🎑

Let the good times roll!! The Ferris wheel is going til 11pm~*~* #ElsewheRerevolves! Echo Courts is here- catch them at 8:30 on the sidewalk of 606 S Elm St.! 🎑✨✨✨ Only few more tickets left: Elsewhere's 8th Annual Extravaganza!!!! Share it!

U kno u wanna party w/ ur faves. πŸ’ƒπŸŽ‰πŸŽ΅ Elsewhere's 8th Annual Extravaganza is this SATURDAY! Link in bio, baby! #ElsewhereRevolves

Getting pumped with the fam about this 50-foot Ferris Wheel (5-11pm) and Elsewhere's 8th Annual Extravaganza on September 17th! Get your tickets today! Featured: Billy Brown + Jessie Vogel, Plush: The Ride, 2009

Claire Cronin @ Elsewhere

Claire Cronin @ Elsewhere

Elsewhere on WUNC 91.5 NC Public Radio's "The State of Things"
Elsewhere on North Carolina Public Radio - WUNC's at "The State of Things" on WUNC!

We know y'all miss the old Castle, but don't worry! Past and currently visiting artist Hong-An Truong is working on an installation that will provide a similar space in the collab, attached to Sheetal Prajapati's staircase constellation piece!

Elsewhere A/C
The air-conditioning is on! The air-conditioning is on! #RestoreElsewhere #Finally

Check out Cosmo Whyte's "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" installation, as well as our other five Southern Constellations Artists' in Residence work, tonight at First Friday until 10pm! $1-5 donation #SoCo #SouthernConstellations

Armando's pose makes the fire alarm go off. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ #RestoreElsewhere

First Friday! The last 20 mins of Pioneer Winter's performance of post-breakup endurance #miamigoeselsewhere

First Friday! Patricia Margarita Hernandez is screening a collection of elsewhere footage she curated! #miamigoeselsewhere

Happening Now: First Friday! Come join Juana Valdes in her sewing project on the front stage #Miamigoeselsewhere

FIRST FRIDAY: #MiamiGoesElsewhere - Matthew Evan Taylor, In Living Memory

Elsewhere presents Miami Artist in Residence, Juana Valdes' installation and performance piece, "Those The Sun Has Loved" β˜€οΈ Stop by Elsewhere from 6-10pm TONIGHT! πŸ’— @janevnyc #goelsewhere #fabricart #installationart #contemporaryart #performanceart #miamigoeselsewhere

12pm: Pioneer Winter - A Love To Last 13 Hours
12pm: Pioneer Winter - A Love To Last 13 Hours (2016) Enter the space and get as close to the performance as you want TONIGHT- First Friday | Miami Goes Elsewhere A Love To Last 13 Hours physicalizes the tensions of romance and relationships by performing the act of maintaining a heavy, precariously balanced structure from collapsing for 13 hours. Scenographic elements include shards of found glass and mirror from Elsewhere's Glass Forest, display cabinets that are suspended in a perpetual state of near collapse, and a 13 hour 9 minute playlist of break-up stories gathered while in residency. This durational work challenges the endurance of the performer Pioneer Winter by placing the body in a constant state of remaking and negotiating, as fatigue sets in over the span of 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Pioneer Winter - A Love To Last 13 Hours
Pioneer Winter's A Love To Last 13 Hours culminates tonight at First Friday | Miami Goes Elsewhere!

Ready and waiting for First Friday | Miami Goes Elsewhere. #sneakpeak

Tearin' up South Elm Street. #RestoreElsewhere Find hidden treasures and swing by next-door neighbors Crawford Creations today (6/11, 10am-1pm) for their monthly cupcake party! 🚧🍰🚧 #GoElsewhere #soGSO #underground

Solemates Comes Down pt 2 (GoPro)
#TGIF because as soon as we get home these shoes are coming off like... Dakota Gearhart's Hearts in Your Toes/Solemates (2009) comes down from the second floor hallway. #RestoreElsewhere

Solemates Comes Down
Dakota Gearhart's Hearts in Your Toes/Solemates (2009) comes down from second floor hallway. #RestoreElsewhere

Sports of All Sorts is tomorrow, Saturday, October 17! 3 floor party with live music, performances, art installations, free food + beer + wine. Don't miss your chance to get in the game, buy your tickets now at goelsewhere.org/sports.

Permanent Resident in the CoLab. Created by Anna Kohlweis / soundtrack by Chris Cloud. #goodmorning #wednesday #humpday #justdoit

Lobo Marino out front right now! come over!

Sports of All Sorts is just two weeks away and it's goin' to be a grand slam. Get in the game and buy your tickets now at goelsewhere.org/sports. #SportsofAllSorts

Toss your hat in the ring and buy a ticket or sponsorship to Elsewhere's Annual Fundraising Extravaganza, SPORTS OF ALL SORTS, on Saturday, October 17. Available online at goelsewhere.org/sports, come by the museum, or purchase by mail. Questions? Contact museum@goelsewhere.org. #sportsofallsorts #goelsewhere #teamelsewhere

Sports of All Sorts Trailer
SPORTS OF ALL SORTS is less than a month away--we hope you're ready to bring your A-game on October 17! Get tickets to this three floor party extravaganza at goelsewhere.org/sports or come by the museum.

Hangout with us at Greensboro's new #parklet created by Artist Chat Travieso as part of the #SouthElmProjects public artworks happening through November 2015! #Placemaking #soGSO

#tbt to "Hopscotch" by artist Agustina Woodgate for South Elm Projects this spring. The board flows through the South Elm neighborhood into Ole Asheboro in downtown Greensboro. Congrats Agustina on the next section of the board at the Redline in Denver. #ArtPlace #southelmprojects #hopscotch

We're sanding down planks and repurposing them for Artist Chat Travieso's trailer project for #SouthElmProjects!

Happy First Friday! Come hear the #MuseumAsInstrument and check out the new installation the Urban Gray Ballroom!

[test test] museum as instrument urban gray ballroom this Friday

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